Affiliate Marketers Walk For a Cure

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Missy Ward who is co founder of Affiliate Summit has put together an incredible team of Affiliate Marketers to Participate in the Breast Cancer 3-Day.  The 3-Day is a 60 mile walk celebrating the amazing lives of people who have suffered the effects of Breast Cancer organized by the Susan Komen Foundation.  Both of my grandmothers were diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Both women faced the disease with amazing grace an courage.

The Affiliate Marketers Give Back team has set a goal to raise $30,000 for this years event which is nearly double what they raised last year.  If you would like to join the team or donate please visit Affiliates Give Back.

Kudos to Missy Ward and the Affiliates Give Back team for taking on such an enormous challenge and raising funds for an incredible cause.

How to Balance Using Google Calendar

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After Outlook Office took a dive on me I started to take off my microsoft office blinders and look into other alternatives to run my email and my calendar.  I found that Google Calendar truly fit my life and my needs as a busy mom and as work from home professional.

1.  I can check my calendar from my mobile phone without syncing or anything else just find it and use it.  That is my biggest thrill is one unified calendar.

2.  I love how easy it is to add more than one calendar and use the public calendars as well.  For instance I use my calendar for all of my appointments etc.  Then I created a calendar for each kids schedule.  Now I can easily overlap the calendars and see when we have scheduling conflict or isolate the calendar for printing it in a single sheet to display on the family communication which is the refrigerator.

3.  I adore the ability to add recurring events relatively easily such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.

4.  Public Calendars.  If you want Faith Hills touring schedule or my personal favorite the Nebraska Husker Football schedule you can easily search the public calendars and have them incorporated into your on schedule with just a few clicks.

5.  I took this calendar one step further.  I enjoy providing my family with decent meals and also try to diet on occasion so I created an entirely separate calendar with a weeks worth of meal planning, created a standard shopping list for that week.  The benefit to creating the menu calendar is the ability to rotate the week worth of meals using the recurring feature.  My kids eat the same things tacos, pizza, sub sandwiches etc.   Occasionally I toss in a new menu item but for the most part your standard meals rotate.  A standardized shopping this and a recurring menu saves me time and a ton of engry deciding what to put on the table at night.

I realize this topic is off base for marketing but it does allow me more time for marketing and more time to spend with my kids which is the point of working from home.

Why Twitter?

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I was asked do you have a Twitter account.  Twitter what in the world is twitter.  I quickly browsed it and was not initially impressed by the concepts.  My first review left me with the idea that this might be just another major time waster like scanning ebay for crap I don’t need or visiting perezhilton blog to get information on which pop star was recently arrested.

I opened the account anyway as my curiosity was peaked.  I don’t have the lingo down yet but I think I began to tweet or chirp or something which is what you do on Twitter.  I reviewed some of other accounts and found out that people tweet on any topic that comes into their heads.  It is fun to watch and let me tell you it can be very additive.  That is was makes it an awesome place to find a captive audience for what ever you are marketing these days.

Here’s how I see it working.  Get an account on Tweeter and start following someone you know like me of course.  Click here and select follow after you open the account.  You will start seeing me tweet about my daily activities like chasing kids, working on projects visiting with other tweeters.  You will see how you soon become familiar with me and we eventually build a relationship.  Once in awhile I may toss in a link to something I find interesting and you may naturally follow the link because you know me from my tweets.  This is relationship marketing at its finest.

Now you have been following me and you will see other people I follow.  You can click on their profiles and start following them as well.  When you follow you naturaly start receiving followers back.  it is really amazing and easy to pick up followers just by tweeting and following other tweeters.

The downside is you will run across the scourge of the earth who I think Twitter is starting to brand as spitters or spatters who just tweet links.   Who cares they come with the territory and I think there is blocking in place to prevent them from gumming up your screen.

All in all I see Twitter as a major player in relationship marketing, social media marketing and provides you with a huge opportunity to promote yourself and your products almost instantly.

Be sure to grab a Twitter account and I look forward to finding you following me and guess what I may even follow you back.  Follow me at

To buy cheap twitter followers, click here.

PPC Coach Best PPC Marketing Coach

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I wanted to learn PPC. Ebooks sure, free videos wonderful but I wanted access to the real earners in ppc. I joined one class/membership program at a whopping $300 per month. A few tracking tools and some other interesting stuff but nothing so stellar that would require me to continue to drop $300 per month.

I laid off he ppc for awhile and came across the PPC Coach. At $51 per month seemed reasonable and definitely worth some exploration.

This was the jackpot of PPC Coaching. Here’s what I found when I joined.

1. Instant access to th PPC Coach who makes well over $10K per month. $10K per month is probably being modest because I am sure he is raking even more than that. When I mean instant access I mean you can use the forum to send pm’s and they will be answered by the coach personally. In the more expensive course I did get a consultation with a member of the team but continued personal coaching would have required over $1000.

2. The coach starts you off small with a simple and easy technique. Don’t go into this course guns blazing wanting answers to all the PPC questions you have. Take the course 1 month at a time. Learn each technique with out trying to jump ahead and soon you will be meeting your financial goals.

3. The forum. The forum is wild, crazy and super informative. Ask a question and you will get not 1 but oodles of answers from all the members on the forum. The forum is hot and moves quickly. It is active day and night. You will meet people from all over the world on the forum.

4. Inspirational. The coach is big on goal setting. He allows you to post your goals and encourages the members to post their success and even their frustrations. After being on the forum a little over 5 months now I see the learning curve being about 3-5 months. This is not a get rich quick class even though it certain can be and has been for a few. The most encouraging thing I read on the forum is those who struggle and struggle and then find their success. Again I see this program as a money maker for those who can put forth about 6 months of effort following the lessons.

5. Tools. One of the biggest issues with PPC is learning how to format the campaigns quickly. One thing the coach does is adds tools frequently. The latest 2 tools include a massive ad tracker and campaign rotator. This thing has to be worth $50 per month on its own but it is included in the membership. The other is the tool that allows you to post your campaigns on the Big 3 PPC Engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) huge time saver when you really dig into ppc. The other tools are just as awesome and are included in the package.

Overall I think the PPC Coach program is definitely worth a look and certainly worth the continued membership if you want to profit from PPC in the next 3 to 6 months.

Click Here to join PPC Coach.

New Journey – Affiliate Manager

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I have sold my business and want to go into affiliate management.  I have worked with affiliate networks for nearly 10 years now and want to work on the other side of the fence.  I have had a several interesting opportunities and think I have found the network that is right for me.  \

I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for the 17th of April when I am supposed to get the final word about my job offer and job acceptance.

In the mean time I have really started to network looking up all my contacts at the various social networking sites.  I have enjoyed reading the comments and hearing love to work with you again when I send invites.

I have just started to use Linked in. This is my profile page

I need to get to work on creating my profiles but knock on my door and I will definitely answer at Linked in

Today I also joined Twitter.

Not exactly sure what that is completely about but look forward to updating you soon as to its necessity on the internet.

CX Digital formaly known as Incentaclick

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I just started using CX Digital also known as Incentaclick and so far I am completely pleased with the control panel and the tracking.

1. Sign up process was quick. Within 12 hours I had a phone call verifying my application. Within minutes I had a username and password.

2. I love the control panel. There are so many ways to search for campaigns. You can search by category, by marketing type, by creative and more. If you can find exactly what you are looking for using their search system you have a serious problem.

3. Statistics. Their display system for statistics is one of the best I have ever used. The reports are so percise and allow your to run statistics in so many ways. The reports are clean and 100 times better than the stats you get from direct track displays. It makes tracking your campaigns a snap.

4. Offers. There seems to be a wide selection of offers including lots of zip and email submits as well as the high dollar offers as well. Their payouts seem to be a hair higher than some other sites but that is pretty hard to judge unless you go through each campaign.

So far I give CX Digital an “A” as far as affiliate networks go. I look forward to working with them a lot more in the future.

You can sign up for CX Digital by clicking here.

Hydramedia Affiliate Network

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I have been testing the offers on Hydramedia Affiliate Network for the last 3 months.

Overall I am very please with the Network.  They have paid consistently for 3 months.  They have the option for direct deposit which I definitely appreciate.

The network consistently brings in new offers every day.  They have an excellent selection of email submits, cost per lead and cost per sale offers.

You can search there database by category or use advanced features to select offers by keyword.

The affiliate managers are excellent and definitely keep in touch with the affiliates.  Recently I saw an offer on another network and asked Hydra if they could get the same offer so I could it run it under their network.  Within 48 hours I had the offer and was able to start promoting it.

They affiliate managers also send out notices immediately for inactive and new offers.  This gives you ample time to pull inactive offers before they cut into your profits.  My affiliate manager also keeps me well informed about the offers that are converting and those that are not.

All in all I give Hydramedia Affiliate Network a 4+ star rating.

If you would like to apply for their affiliate program please click here. 

Flat Out Ways to Make Money

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Who doesn’t like to make money. I have been making money from home since 1997. My income is full time. In between I have raised 3 kids. I have worked in the what I call the outside world it was some what safe. I got a paycheck every 2 weeks. I knew what I was going to make and I had to live within that budget. I had to be at the office at 9am and left the office at 5pm or later. Salaried employees make the same amount regardless of the number of hours.

Now I choose my hours. I get to choose if I take my baby to the park of if I spend the morning at school with my children. I get to choose when to take my vacation and I get to choose how much I make.

Below I have listed several training programs that teach you how to make money. My advice is to take a look at all of them. Sign up for their newsletters and follow what they are doing. Above all my advice is to select one and work the program to the letter. The biggest successes I have had in my career are from the ideas I have generated from training programs. Better yet is the opportunity to work with the creators of the programs is where the real money is. Making money on your own doesn’t work if you buy the program but working the programs.

Select the program that is right for you and you will too find the financial success and personal success you deserve.

Internet Pay Day

Internet Pay Day was featured on MSNBC. It focuses on teaching you how to leverage the power of search engine pay per click marketing to cash in on the multi billion dollar retail affiliate marketing businesses. Learning how to market affiliate programs is an excellent starter program for any one. Affiliate marketing doesn’t require you to have your own product, you don’t need to do customer support and you don’t need to handle financial transactions. You do the marketing and get paid for just that. Excellent business to get into.

Home Business System

This is a free trial offer your pay shipping and handle to receive the information kit for Home Business System. This system is based on Global Online System. This is worth a minute to view the online presentation. When you look at this prepare yourself to do the program exactly as they show you for maximum success.

Stock Market Millions

Dr. Stephen Cooper was a doctor who lost his practice sue o a crippling back injury. He turned lemons into lemonade by learning the art of investing. He has learned how to help the common man or woman whatever the case may be to learn how to use simple techniques to create significant wealth from the stock market. His program points on out the common pitfalls for new investors and points them in the exact direction they need to achieve their financial goals. If you are interested in investing as a way to make your financial dreams come true this is a program you must check out.

Real Estate Millionaires

The real estate marketing is in the toilet… or is it? Dean Graziosi, America’s Bestselling Real Estate Expert has written a course that teaches you how to properly invest in the current real estate market with Signs in Glasgow as an example. Yes the market is going through a crisis but that crisis is opening the door to a whole new world of opportunities for those who are prepared to take advantage of the current situation. This course includes books and videos that train you how to work the real estate market to your financial success.

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