• Better Than Sex Cake
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    Better Than Sex Cake

    The first time I was handed this recipe I had to laugh at the title considering I was asked to make this for a church function but I gladly accepted the recipe. Recently my daughter’s friend popped over and made a request for this cake.  Well I looked at the pantry and quickly realized a) I didn’t have a cake mix b) I didn’t have caramel sauce c) I didn’t have Cool Whip.  So my daughter’s friend shrugged disappointed, I caved, made the whole thing from scratch which really isn’t a big deal.  I got a big buzz out of showing her how to make caramel sauce from scratch and…

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    Low Fat Soda Cupcakes

    I do not have the mindset to make New Year’s resolutions. I know there is no possible way that I would stick to any of them. I have started to eat better and get on the treadmill a little more often but that has to do more with vanity. I know I haven’t hit the point where I want it for the right reason. Lots of big family events coming up that will require me to be in photos. I usually like to stay behind the camera. Well that is not an option so turning the big 4-0 in December and the thought of being in family pics in May has…