Keep Those Points Cards Handy

Is your wallet bulging at the seams with rewards cards from fast food places, clothing stores, pharmacies etc?  Mine was.  I couldn’t snap it shut.  So I moved the cards out to a pocket of my purse and when I got to said retail establishment to pay for my purchase my purse would vomit up a hundred different savings cards.  I shuffled from one foot to the other hunting up the specific savings card while the clerk smiled tightly and the people tapped their feet impatiently behind me before I held up the card exclaiming “Bingo!!!!,” or dropped my head and walked out without my precious points.

Out of necessity I came up with this idea.  Really simple just get a heave duty hole punch and make a hole in each card.  If it is a swipe card be sure  you punch the hole in the opposite side so that you can still use the card.  The ring can be found in any craft store.  They open on a hinge so I can add cards pretty easily.  Cost for the rings is something like 3 for $1.

Organize those savings cards


Granted when I pull up to the coffee shop window and toss them my key ring of savings I do get a weird look or two, but I get my punch just the same and collect my free coffee again and again and again. The rest of my world may be leashed chaos but my savings cards are not.

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