Better Than Sex Cake
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Better Than Sex Cake

Better Than Sex Cake
Better Than Sex Cake

The first time I was handed this recipe I had to laugh at the title considering I was asked to make this for a church function but I gladly accepted the recipe. Recently my daughter’s friend popped over and made a request for this cake.  Well I looked at the pantry and quickly realized a) I didn’t have a cake mix b) I didn’t have caramel sauce c) I didn’t have Cool Whip.  So my daughter’s friend shrugged disappointed, I caved, made the whole thing from scratch which really isn’t a big deal.  I got a big buzz out of showing her how to make caramel sauce from scratch and whipping real whipping cream into sweet whipped cream.

This is the quick and easy version

Better Than Sex Cake

1 chocolate cake mix

1 jar of caramel sauce

1 carton Cool Whip

2 Heath bars.

Make the cake.  Poke the top drizzle caramel sauce over it.  Let it cool.  Top with Cool Whip and chopped Heath Bar.

I have gotten a lot of warm and fuzzy mileage out of the whole making it from scratch thing.  Every time I see the girl she just rants and raves, probably insuring a positive response from me for her next culinary request.  Whether you make it from scratch or use the quick and easy version this cake is pretty darn delicious.

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