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Book Review Sophie Littlefield’s “Bad Day for a Scandal”

Sophie Littlefield:  A Bad Day for A ScandalI took a walk through the library the other day and the cover of Sophie Littlefield’s book, “Bad Day for a Scandal,” caught my eye.  I didn’t even open the dust jacket to peruse the the preface, just snatched the book off the shelf, checked it out and tossed it  in my purse/suitcase/survival kit.

I have to say this book is a delight especially for those who have a little redneck in us.  So many times authors write about small town or rural living and completely blow it.  Sophie hits it right on the head.  Every small town I have ever lived in and I mean small, population 784 people or less, has a group similar to the green hat society who absolutely DO know exactly who’s doing; who, what, and where in their town and probably the surrounding counties as well.

I’d like to invite Sophie’s main character, Stella Hardesty, the middle age, not going down without a fight, deliverer of vigilante justice for abused love ones, over for a Johnie Walker Black or two.  Stella is just a stitch.  The Yoga pant wearing, diva of the restraining knot and  personal firearm, wields her ability as bloodhound extraordinaire with a flare for the dirty word and the libido of a college co-ed.

Stella hunts down bad guys, dodging the lawman who sends a hotshot of lust through her system with a just a glance, while keeping the good people of Fayetteville spinning.  She doesn’t handle it all on her own.  Chrissy, her buxom cohort, finagles many an informer to spilling their guts with a flick of her hair or a loosing of a top button.

If you are looking for a face paced who done it that will leave you  laughing tille you nearly pee your pants then Sophie Littlefield’s, “Bad Day for a Scandal,” is for you.

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