Heart Shaped Boxes

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Did you have a Happy Valentine’s Day.  I hope so.  I hope your sweetie showed up with something really good.  Mine showed up with pizza.  The whole family ate by candlelight in the formal dining room.  The kids opened up heart shaped boxes full of kisses.  Kisses in foil and kisses from their mama.  The kisses from mom were received with mixed acceptance.  The littlest one is stilling allowing PDA the other two are sort of humoring me.

heart box template

I have the box template for download below.  The template on its own is terrific.  You can cut it by hand or use your favorite software and electronic die cutter to cut it.  I created a little video to show you how to fold it and glue it.


Have this file emailed to you.


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  1. Diana

    I love these! Is there anyway to get it in pdf or svg for a mac?

  2. admin

    Yes. Right below the video is a box that allows you to enter your email address and have the file delivered. The zip file contains a MTC, SVG, PDF and SCAL format.

  3. admin

    On this page there is a form below the video. Enter your info and the file will be emailed to you.

  4. patchworkhen

    these look like fun. thank you for sharing!

    blessings, patchworkhen

  5. Wanda

    i have been trying to dl the file. I have entered my email about 10 times now and i copy and pasted it in the box hit go and checked the mtc box and all it does is just sit there spinning and never lets me dl it. It has been spinning this last time for 30 mins. can you please tell me how i can get it to dl the file.

  6. admin

    The files usually download in zip format. You must unzip the file and open the file related to mtc or svg. My guess is that you are trying to open the zipped file with mtc.

  7. Rita DeCook

    I sent e-mail to have the design sent. but the link was ‘blank’. where on here can I find the download button to download direct? the only ‘download’ button i see is for the ‘pdf converter’.

    i so want to try to this, even though valentine’s day is over, i can use for other occasions, like mother’s day.

  8. Lisa C

    What a darling box! Thank you so much for gifting us with it AND a video to help us put it together!

  9. Paula

    Thank you for the box, I have a similar one but it is taller and I did not like how the heart came together. I appreciate your sharing your hard work.

  10. Linda Fitzgerald

    Thanks so much for the download. I think this design would also look great with butterfly wings instead of the heart! Any chance you have a cut for that please?
    Great website, thank you.

  11. admin

    That’s a great idea. I am finish up a very large barnyard package that I think is just the bee’s knees so when I finish that up maybe I can move on two the butterfly box.

  12. 4theLOVEofCrafts

    These are soooooooo cute! can you please give me the link to the website where I can get the template for the box? Thanks,


  13. Josie Fuhriman

    I have been trying to download the file for the box and have run into a problem. I keep getting emails from you saying that I have signed up for your newsletters. Now, I am great with that, however, I would like the file as well. Help! The box looks wonderful and I can’t wait to make one!

  14. admin

    Go to the adams acres store. Select the item you want and go through the purchase process. If the item is $0 you will not be charged. The download link will appear on the download page. The link will also be emailed to you.

  15. Deb

    Thanks for the fun file. I really appreciate it. Now, looking forward to a wedding or valentine’s to use it!

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