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3 New Diet Friendly Recipes

Whew what a week.  Lots of kids stuff, lots of craft stuff, lots of work stuff.  In between I found time to make these yummy recipes that were Weight Watchers Plus Friendly.

Number 1.  Big hit with my oldest girl.  Raspberry Stuffed French Toast.  She had 2 helpings before school, made me pack some to give to our favorite school bus driver and finished the rest off after school.  I don’t know of a better endorsement than that.  She isn’t counting any points or using any of the top rated weight loss supps, but for those who are this is  a 6 pointer according to the recipe nutrition info at Eat Better America and the Weight Watchers Calculator.

Stop number 2 this recipe tour is Taco Casserole.  I think I came across this recipe on  This is a 7 points plus option.  I took this to Wednesday night church potluck supper.  I always plan on taking a helping home for lunch the next day, but my plan was foiled.  There wasn’t a scoop to be had.

Last stop is Potato Broccoli Soup.  This is a 7 point soup.  I made a double helping thinking I might put it in the freezer for another day.  Instead I just we ended up eating both portions.  Not at one meal but for the next 3 days of lunches.  I could make this every week.


  • Joanne

    These recipes look delicious! I can’t wait to try the taco casserole, mmmmm good! Also, thanx for the lead to skinny taste web page! Great food ideas on there! Aloha~!

  • admin

    You are so welcome. The taco casserole is really good. Great for potlucks. I love a potluck but it can be a diet killer. If I bring something like this I know there is at least one thing I can eat that looks like the others. Plus it tastes good too.

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