Christmas Star Topper

I needed a little tree topper for my “Charlie Brownish” Christmas tree.  This is a little tree that fills a small area on my antique sewing machine.  I had no desire to go shopping for anything, least of all a small Christmas tree topper.  The wind is howling and I can tell you it is cold, cold, cold.  On top of that it is December 2nd and I am already feeling a little shopped out.

So any whoo I snuck into my craft room to come up with a Christmas tree topper.  I saw a 3D star wreath somewhere (should have put in on my board) where you take a star and score the back from point to center, crease and you have a 3D star.  That is great but what about the back.  I created one but knew I couldn’t adhere another to the back without creating some kind of tab system.  So you will find, if you decide to pick up this 3 D start cut, a star with tabs that allow you to glue the front the back, add some stability and create a super Christmas star in short order.

Create a cone for your star or hang with a thread.  After I did one of these I can see them all over my house on top of my cupboards, lighted with those small battery pack lights.  Wouldn’t they be neat on those wire picture stands.  This one was created with a few papers form DCWV Christmas Paper stack.  Some ribbon and a few pieces of bling.  I didn’t want to upstage my “Charlie Brownish” tree.  The next one will get full force embellishment.  I will be back with pictures soon.

Once you have your file.

1.  Cut your pieces.  Filp them over so the showing side is down on your work station.  Score from the point to the center on your starts.

2.  Score your rectangle flaps.

3.  Be sure to use your bone folder to fold.  The crisper the folds the better the finished product.

4.  Bond your tabs to the other star.  Because they fit together so well with the tabs I was able to use my tape runner.

5.  I hot glued a pencil to the inside of my star and slipped it in the top of the cone for stability.

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  • Beverly Browning

    I can’t keep adding cute items to make before Christmas…….I’m running out of time. LOL

    Thank you.

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