Chirstmas Candle Holder with Tiled Background

Are you absolutely stuffed from the Holidays? I know I am.

I hosted my first Thanksgiving in my new home this year.  Some people dread things like this but I have been looking forward to having friends and family wrapped around the table enjoy good company and of course good food.

This year I cooked 2 turkeys.  I used a great recipe from the Down Home with the Neely’s cookbook.  It will be a recipe I use again and again.  The turkey was so most and the drippings made the amazing gravy, if I do say so myself.

I think I have finally recovered from my 2 Thanksgiving day dinners,  my house is back in order.  Today I found time to get back into my craft room.

I picked up some glass cylinder vases from the Dollar Store a few months ago.  For Thanksgiving I filled them with simple river rock and candles.  This month I dressed them up with a tiled paper cut and a ribbon I created from a tutorial at 7 LayerStudio.

Prepare yourself for another project or two when you decide to cut the background.  The cut has several tiny cuts.  It takes the machine awhile to cut it.  When it is finished it is fabuThe tiled cut is available when you enter your email address below.


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