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Quick and Easy Kids Pumpkin Craft

My friend was looking for a craft for a kindergarten class. I had this rattling around in my head without any kindergartners to use it for.  Maybe it will work for Ms. K.


1 Tootsie pop  (if you want to use another sucker just be sure the strips are double the length plus a little extra of the sucker)

4 strips of pattern paper.  Double sided would be better according to than the single which is what I used.  I did this in about 5 minutes so the single sided paper was within reach.  For the Tootsie pop I cut them 1 inch wide by 11 inches long.  Adjust accordingly for the size of your sucker.

A little Christmas wrap ribbon.  The kind that curls up when you pull it across a scissors.

Green card stock to cut the leaves.  I would make a thicker leaf as a template for the kids to trace and cut if you are short on time bring pre cut ones.

Directions:  find the center of 3 strips of paper and dab with a glue stick.  This will be the bottom.  On each end of the paper strips use a hole punch to make a circle near the end of the strip.  Slip the sucker sticks through the holes, arrange the strips of paper to form your pumpkin. I put a little glue on the top stripes to hold them in place too.

Next layer on your leaves with glue of course.  Add your ribbon and viola.  Your kindergarten craft is complete.



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