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Solution for MTC and SCAL user who still own a Cricut

Ok, I saw this post on facebook from Kristy Ache.  I am not making any guarantees on this.  I haven’t tried it myself.  I am posting this link because I have had so many people asking me if there is a work around to use MTC and SCAL with your cricut.  So this is the link to the blog that says you can make it happen.

The Crafty Blonde may have the solution for you.

Post comments if this lets you use your Cricut with the newer versions of MTC and SCAL.



  • Joanne

    THANX so much for this post! I recently got a new computer and had a heck of time getting MTC and SCAL to work again with my Cricut. After contacting SCAL they helped me get it all straight. I was scrambling to get their help before the new generation came out and they cut off support to those of us who are still using the older version! All is working great, but every time I use it I get that horrible feeling some day it may not work! This is great info to have, just in case!!! Aloha, Joanne

  • Rach

    Hi, has anyone done this with SCAL v3? I wanted to get SCAL and then found the new version no longer works with the Cricut. Not happy!

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