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Believe Word Art

Number 2 and I went out on the town to purchase a pair of pants for the upcoming holiday program.  After we successfully completed the mission we had lunch together.  The mall is a perfect place for us because we can both get what we want.  He grabbed a Subway and I had Chinese.  We finished off our meal by opening the fortune cookie.  My fortune on November 28th, “Tomorrow will be lucky and memorable for you.”  Well knowing that the hubby and I were going to be springing an early Christmas present on the entire family I already knew the next day was going to be memorable. My fortune cookie actually semi knew my future.  On the other hand I don’t believe in luck I believe in blessings.  There is one true Lord who provides blessings.  He blesses me everyday whether my day is going  good or bad, based on my humble human opinion.  Inspired to Believe everyday I am providing you with the freebie file “Believe.”  May God continue to bless you and yours and I pray you continue to “Believe.”

The Believe Word Art file is available to all “FREE Members”  in the following formats

  • PNG
  • Digital Stamp Outline
  • SVG
  • Scut2
  • MTC

The entire package is zipped. Please click the link below to save it to your hard drive. Unzip before importing into your cutting software.
[emember_protected for=2] Believe Word Art Zipped package

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