New Version of Sure Cuts A Lot Now Available

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SCAL users I opened up my SCAL yesterday to find yet a another new version ready for download.  On first glance I see they added libraries for Fall, Winter and Spring.  I love that they are starting to add libraries to SCAL.  This software just keeps getting better and better.  Here is the link to to download the latest version and here is a link to What SCAL is if you don’t own it at all.

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  1. Shari Young

    It seems that the latest version link to the new version of Sure Cuts A Lot. I would like the new version, where do I go to find it?


    Shari . . .

  2. Michelle

    The link to the newest version at Craft Edge for Windows XP is not working…???

  3. admin

    If you contact support at Craft Edge I’m sure they can help you. I am a fan of sure cuts a lot and an avid user of the software but I don’t work with the company directly.

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