Cricut Blade Depth, Pressure and Speed Settings

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I had an awesome weekend with my friend.  I took the kids out to her place for the spring break weekend.  They are about the same ages so they keep themselves pretty busy while we retreat to her huge crafting room.  Once a year we like to get together for a girls retreat scrapbook and more importantly catch up on each others lives.  She recently picked up a Cricut Expression.  She works with the cartridges and I work with SCAL so we can share.

This was the her biggest question of the weekend. What are the best settings for the pressure, speed and blade depth? Fortunately for her I came across a fellow blogger that put together a handy chart that will help you get started.  It is still a bit of a touch and feel science but this chart is definitely a great starting point and well worth the download.

You can find the chart at Obessed with Scapbooking.

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  1. JeniRuth Jovanovic


    There is another, more complete guide. If you go to Above Rubie’s Studio, she has a guide for each type/brand of paper as well as intricate and simple cuts. As she says, “There are over 450 cuts done on all different paper brands, fabrics and all the cutting materials I could pack in!” It is many pages long and she still updates it every now and then… It is free.

    Here is the link:

    The only catch is… You have to sign up for her newsletters.



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