Happy Birthday Crocus Card

Crocus SVG Card
Crocus SVG Card

I love flowers.  If I am not good at growing them I certainly know I can pull out inkscape and create one for my beloved cricut using sure cuts a lot.

Today I have create a happy birthday card with crocus.  Stickles have been added.  This will continue to happen until my supply starts to dwindle.

Enjoy the Crocus.  The file will include the svg files as well as a Scal Library.

June 2009 Free SVG Files

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  1. sharon young

    I can’t figure out how to down load this one. When I click on the June 2009 Free SVG Files link it asks for my password.

  2. admin

    This file has been added to the new password system. Be sure you are a member. To find out if you are logged in look in the left column of the blog. If you are not please use that link to register. Once you log in with the new user name and password your name will appear in the left column and you will see all the files available. Thank you for letting me know about this file that wasn’t on the new system yet.

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