How to Use SCAL Lib It Up

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The creators of Sure Cuts a Lot have a companion piece called Lib It Up.  Scal Lib it up is a free download.  Lib it up creates little library files of all your svg or .scut files.  It organizes them and makes them easily accessible via the shapes window in Sure Cuts a Lot.

I have started to incorporate .lcut files in my svg mult cut downloads.  You put the lcut files in the library folder where you installed sure cuts a lot.  Believe me once you get into the habit of using the libraries you will never want to guess about which svg to use again.  I also love the fact that it can theme my svgs so that when I am creating I can quickly see the images of the svgs I have.

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  1. Debbie H

    OMG, can I say…I LOVE you! Thanks for posting this and explaining what it is/ does. I am gonna love this!

    Deb H
    Alvaton, KY

  2. Ramona

    Just FYI, having to many libraries can REALLY slow down your SCAL. Its been a real headache.

  3. Debby

    I’m new to SCAL, but have been struggling with how to organize the files and still know what they are! thanks for this post.

  4. wendy rogers

    I agree but how do you delete some of the files. I also have too many and it takes about 5Min to start my sure cut alot,really annoying

  5. Steve

    I have many shape files that are scut files. How can I add them to Lib It Up? It seems that it will only accept svg files.

  6. Kayla

    Thank you. I was so lost trying to figure this out for myself with no help files.

  7. paige

    is there a website where we can share our libraries we have made, i would like to download and try some of yalls svg libraries.

  8. admin

    There are a few. I will think about putting up an area so that you can share your files here as well. Great Idea!

  9. Rachelle

    where are the .lcut files? I added it to my library but only a few are in and I don’t know how to add the .lcut

  10. admin

    Look in the folder where you install SCAL you will probably see a folder with lcut files. The newest version of SCAL makes it a lot easier to add files to your library. It is a built in feature.

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