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Denises Scrapbooking Room
Denises Scrapbooking Room

I came across Denise’s Scrapbooking Room Blog.  Denise shows off her beautiful 3D designs.  She shares some of her SVG files for Sure Cuts A Lot as well.  Some of her more popular images are for sale right from the blog for a very inexpensive price.  They are worth every penny.  It would take hours upon hours to figure out how to create the cuts needed to put her 3 D designs together.

Denise also provides several free SVG files on her blog.  Visit Denise’s Scrapbooking Room and get inspired to create some really amazing works of art.

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  1. Denise

    Thanks for the mention! A whole new Summer Fun Paper Dolls collection which includes the dolls and clothes(from hawaiin shirts to bikinis), scenery, surf boards, a woody car, a love bug beetle, a hippy van, people, clothes, a grill and even custom sunglasses! Along with all the scrap book titles you will need to create perfect scrapbook pages. All for ten dollars!

    email me at for info!

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