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I grew up on a farm with chickens, cows, cats, dogs, horses and the occasional unique animal like a fox and a raccoon that made their home in the garage.  We are primarily corn farmers now with a few cats and dogs that come and go.  I bet you can find many uses for these farm animal svg’s.  I put them together in a zip file for your convenience.

As always if you like them please comment.  Better yet if you make something with them I would love to post it on the blog.

First up is a horse of course.

Horse for Sure cuts a Lot
Horse for Sure cuts a Lot

Next up with have the pig.  You can create your own Wilbur die cut with this little oinker.

make your own wilbur
make your own wilbur

What farm picture would be complete with out a cow.

make yourself a moovarlous layout with this little cow.
make yourself a moovarlous layout with this little cow.

I hope you enjoy these svg.  Put your cricut machine to good use with these little gems.

Inside this zip file you will also find a cat and I believe a buffalo.  They are not exactly farm staples but worthy of cutting none the less.


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  1. Els

    Love your farm animals, but will there be also a sheep, I am a sheeplover, I come back and see there is, thanks for sharing these ones. greetings Els from the Netherlands

  2. Carol Bohman

    Thank you so much for the farm animals! I have looked and looked for these! Would love to see more farm cuts. Where’s the chickens, rooster, ducks, sheep, fox, dog, haystack, field of corn, veggies for a basket, etc. You GO girl – there, I’ve given you a lot of suggestions! If I could do it, I would! Give me the “farm” and I’ll do the layout! THANK YOU!!!

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