Cuttlebugs on Sale at JoAnn’s

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Cuttlebug Sale
Cuttlebug Sale

It is no secret that I want a Cuttlebug.  It is also no big secret that I don’t like to pay full price for such things.  I was over at Joann’s website today looking for some other odds and ends and found Cuttlebug machines 40% off.  That is not bad.  I also noticed a 50% coupon as well.  They are have some great sales on lots of stock up items as well.   This is all in honor of National Craft month.  National Craft month ends March 31st.


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  1. Sharon Field

    Just wanted to let you know that somehow I ended up at your site and have spent time going through your posts. I downloaded the Christian Fish logo and wanted to say THANK YOU and God bless!! Keep up the great work!

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