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Sure Cuts A Lot Software
Sure Cuts A Lot Software

Sure Cuts A Lot is an extremely easy program that allows you to cut your True Type fonts and various shapes on a Cricut machine. It works by scanning an image or using an image you have on your computer.  Once you have determined the image you want to use you need to use another free software program like Inkscape to convert that image to .SVG.  Inkscape is currently a free program you can download from the internet.

Sure Cuts A Lot works with Cricut Personal and Cricut Expression machine as well as with the Cricut Create machine.  You will need an usb cable to connect the Cricut to your computer.  The USB cable is probably similar to the one you have for our printer.

Sure Cuts A Lot software will weld letters together.  Welding letters or shapes together creates on continuous die cut instead of individual letters or shapes.  You can weld several shapes and letters to create any number of designs.

The software is becoming more popular therefore the availability of .SVG files is becoming more prevalent on the internet.  Some online stores are offering pre-designed groups of .SVG files for just $1 and $2 per piece.  Esty is an online collection of multiple artist’s designs and files.  It is one location to find pre made .SVG files.  If you have more time to hunt for .SVG files there are some very creative free .SVG files available for download on many scrapbooker’s blogs.

Sure cuts a lot is available for download on the internet or you can request to have it delivered to your home on CD.  We have a Sure Cuts a Lot Coupon available.

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  1. I found SCAL on sale at store.candacraft.com for $59.99! There’s also a coupon code for 10% off: APRIL20

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    Everything I’ve read and seen on youtube says Cricut is compatible with Sure Cuts Alot. However, when I went to download and purchase it, I see a note that says Version 3 is NOT compatible with Cricut. What is the deal? Are earlier versions compatible? If so, how do I get an earlier version?

  11. I am still using a Cricut with an old vesion of SCAL. I didn’t update and won’t until I can upgrade to the Black Cat. Sometimes you can find old versions on EBAY.

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