Good Casseroles and Bad Attitudes

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chicken tortilla Casserole
Ree’s Casserole is really good!!!! We were just not in a place to appreciate it the first night I whipped in out on the Fam. It has been redeemed and taken its position in the potluck rotation since this posting.

I was in full on mom organization mode. A new school year will do that to you.  New planners, new schedules, a fresh start and I was not going to be behind the ball.   I planned my menus for the first full week of school schedule craziness and was pretty darn proud of the accomplishment. I was prepared to get meals on the table at 6 no matter what the schedule.   For 5 whole minutes I was on track to being super mom and cook extraordinaire…

Until the family started drifting in from wherever they had been to find me proudly displaying a piping hot Pioneer Woman Chicken Tortilla Casserole.

I was giving myself a pretty solid pat on the back for tackling Ree’s casserole. I picked up the recommended Well Wisdom, grass fed protein – and I even picked the produce from the garden to assemble this culinary delight.  I snuck a bite and was pretty happy with my new found recipe, of course you can’t screw up a Pioneer Woman casserole.

So as I was beaming about my offering to my family, imagine how my rosy glowed feeling of accomplishment was quickly replaced with a major case of flat out PO’d in this scenario. One of my beloveds took a look at my awesome casserole and pitched a fit about beans in the casserole. Another said can’t you just make dinner without tossing it all in bowl and mixing it all together.  Another didn’t like the green stuff and another didn’t want Mexican food.

Let’s define my level of PO’d.  It took just about everything I had not to toss that casserole at my ungrateful brood in very large clumps, smacking each one in their pretty little kissers.  My only deterrent was I’d have been cleaning up the mess. Instead I took the high road.  Pouted like a spoiled brat, marched down the stairs, and retreated to my office for the rest of the night.  I stewed in my little den of discontent considering all the ways I would get back at my rotten bunch until I heard foot steps heading to bed and quietness descend upon the house.

I was still fired up when I arrived at my ladies’ BS group the next morning.  BS standing for Bible Study or sometimes the derogatory term.  The BS group has a strict code of silence about discussing husbands, kids, relatives and peoples flaws in general.  Sorta of like Las Vegas.  What gets uttered in BS stays in BS.  Support from the BS ladies is unconditional.

So I knew when I laid out the transgressions of my ungrateful crew at BS the ladies would have my back.  They gave me all sorts of ideas on how to exact my revenge.  Really crappy menu plans, flat out refusal to cook until previous casserole has been eaten in full, flat out refusal to cook period.  All really great ideas that I would expand upon on my drive home.

Settled with a plan of attack to get back at my family’s betrayal our bible study began and I’d be darned if the Good Lord didn’t take it upon himself to share a little wisdom regarding my flopped meal plans by sticking a bible study in front of my on children who don’t eat what you cook.

As I read the first few lines I shrank into my chair when the author discussed how she lost it on her family for rejecting the meal she cooked I kind of knew I was info a smack down for my own transgressions. It seems that we do not have the power to be gracious or kind all on our own. It seams that all OUR good deeds have a little bit of stink on them. Isaiah 64:6 says, “all our righteous deeds are like a polluted garment…” In and of ourselves, we cannot do good. It seems that revenge and a snarky attitude are at the edge of my fingers all the time.  It seems that without the Holy Spirit, specifically “The fruit of the Spirit,” I am a pretty nasty little beast.  So all MY good works that I had planned, in essence, to prove to my family that I was the kindest, most sweetest, bestest little wife and mother were done for my benefit and not for the Lord’s. Which is where all my great planning took a major league detour into a bad construction zone.

God does a way better job spelling out and explaining the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23 so when you get the chance brush up on the fruits there.  You’ll be glad you did.

For me I need to spend a little more time letting the Holy Spirit work Patience fruit into me and add a healthy dose of understanding for good measure

You see I didn’t take into account the following when serving MY casserole and doing MY good deed:

Rain decided to bypass our farms for about the 6th straight week meaning my hubby’s irrigation schedule did not get a break, Again.  He was highly disappointed and a lot tired and pretty worn out and he has never been a super fan of casseroles, even if they have been penned by the wonderful Ree Drummond.  The first full week of school which includes group meetings, sport practices, and in general over anxious, unsettled feelings of getting back into a routine wipes out the best kids, and mine are (wink, wink) usually pretty close to the best category.

So I gotta give props to God again this week as he always seems to give me just the right info at just the right time.  I mean our Bible Study was not written the night before when my gorgeous casserole was given a big fat fail. Yet the chapter was discussing how the author was not able to get her kids to eat.  Coincidence or God?  I’ll let you be the judge.

Here’s praying you let the Holy Spirit work a little “fruit of the Spirit” into you.

Charity Adams

P.S. The bible study the our Ladies’ BS group is working through is God’s in the Laundry Room  written by Susan Senechal. If you really want to understand the “fruit of the Spirit” better Susan is a really writer with a much better handle on teaching this topic.

Keep Those Points Cards Handy

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Is your wallet bulging at the seams with rewards cards from fast food places, clothing stores, pharmacies etc?  Mine was.  I couldn’t snap it shut.  So I moved the cards out to a pocket of my purse and when I got to said retail establishment to pay for my purchase my purse would vomit up a hundred different savings cards.  I shuffled from one foot to the other hunting up the specific savings card while the clerk smiled tightly and the people tapped their feet impatiently behind me before I held up the card exclaiming “Bingo!!!!,” or dropped my head and walked out without my precious points.

Out of necessity I came up with this idea.  Really simple just get a heave duty hole punch and make a hole in each card.  If it is a swipe card be sure  you punch the hole in the opposite side so that you can still use the card.  The ring can be found in any craft store.  They open on a hinge so I can add cards pretty easily.  Cost for the rings is something like 3 for $1.

Organize those savings cards


Granted when I pull up to the coffee shop window and toss them my key ring of savings I do get a weird look or two, but I get my punch just the same and collect my free coffee again and again and again. The rest of my world may be leashed chaos but my savings cards are not.

Better Than Sex Cake

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Better Than Sex Cake
Better Than Sex Cake

The first time I was handed this recipe I had to laugh at the title considering I was asked to make this for a church function but I gladly accepted the recipe. Recently my daughter’s friend popped over and made a request for this cake.  Well I looked at the pantry and quickly realized a) I didn’t have a cake mix b) I didn’t have caramel sauce c) I didn’t have Cool Whip.  So my daughter’s friend shrugged disappointed, I caved, made the whole thing from scratch which really isn’t a big deal.  I got a big buzz out of showing her how to make caramel sauce from scratch and whipping real whipping cream into sweet whipped cream.

This is the quick and easy version

Better Than Sex Cake

1 chocolate cake mix

1 jar of caramel sauce

1 carton Cool Whip

2 Heath bars.

Make the cake.  Poke the top drizzle caramel sauce over it.  Let it cool.  Top with Cool Whip and chopped Heath Bar.

I have gotten a lot of warm and fuzzy mileage out of the whole making it from scratch thing.  Every time I see the girl she just rants and raves, probably insuring a positive response from me for her next culinary request.  Whether you make it from scratch or use the quick and easy version this cake is pretty darn delicious.

Learn more from

K Cups 75% off

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discount K CupsSanta was awfully good to me this year.  He brought me a Keurig® K75 Platinum Brewing System.  Oh Boy do I love it.  After a little research I found out that my habit for fancy and coffee and tea might soon drive me to the poor house.  I did a little math and the K Cups are about $.64 per cup.  That is a little steep when you figure I have several cups of coffee or tea per day.  So I immediately went and fetched myself one of these handy little reusable k cup numbers.

I love green tea and have one from Celestial Seasons, Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea. I normally brew it with hot water from the microwave.  It’s fine but what a difference a little Keurig makes.  I tore open the tea bag and put it in my reusable k cup and brewed it.  Wow I could definitely taste all the lemon I have been missing.  So much better than the boiling water method in the nuker.  So I did the math on the tea bag and reusable k cup method and found about a 75% savings.  Tea bags are about $.16 per verses k cups at $.64.  The k cups are much more convenient since you don’t have to clean them out.  The reusable take about 20 seconds more of your day since you must clean it by popping it a couple of times over the trash and rinse it in the sink.  Conveinece over pocket book.  Either way the Keurig makes pretty awesome coffee and tea.


Advent Calendar by SVGCuts

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The 25 days of Christmas are upon us and I have been busy making Advent Calendars.  I plan on giving these away to some of the darling little kids in my life.  I have a stack of them right now and look forward to seeing them used for the next Christmas Season.


I picked up the SVG from SVG Cuts.  This might look a little daunting at first but it is really a piece of cake.  You can add your own spin and color theme to it pretty quickly by following the PDF guide that comes with every SVG Cut.  Here is the link to pick up this file.  SVGcut Advent Calendar.

Little Tablet That Could

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have been very happy with it.  I have done all my planning, reading etc on it.  I was having a hard time justifying getting a eReader or a tablet because I thought it might be redundant to carry around two devices that did nearly the same thing. That has not been the case.  For mother’s day I hinted more like dropped giant bombs around, that eluded to the fact that I really did want a mother’s day gift this year and I wanted the mother’s day gift to be a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. 

When mother’s day arrived my husband me handed me a Buger King sack that didn’t contain a heart attack disguised as a sandwich but a Samsung Note 8 instead.  I was nearly shocked into having that heart attack anyway. 

Redundant my tablet it not.  My phone has taken on the task of being a communication device again while the tablet with it’s much larger screen has become the work horse.

Getting Fit with the Fitbit Activity Tracker

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pinterest fitbitHow many times have you started a diet?  I’d say I have tried close to a million times, usually about 5 minutes after I ate something monumentally too full of calories.  The modify or limit the food approach has never been a scorching success for me.  So I got to thinking about the best cheap elliptical trainer and fitness aspect more and as I look back on things that really has been sort of successful. Along with the fitbit I found some great weight loss tips on A few years ago I took a job outside of the house which required me to pound the pavement doing public relations.  Without consciously dieting or any fat burning furnace scam I lost about 20 pounds.  Those pounds came back of course, after moving on to another project that allowed me more time to focus on HGTV and potato chip flavors.

My friends had been talking about this Garcinia Cambogia Reviews
Fitbit activity tracker,” thing and I became pretty curious because the tech geek aspect.  The Fitbit tracks my activity during the day and syncs it to my android phone as well as to the Fitbit activity tracker web site.

I set the thing up and synced to my phone in less than 10 minutes.  I attached to the center of my bra with the little clip.  The first week I just went around business as usual and found I was a 8500 steps short of Dr. Oz’s recommendation to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps per day.  I new my activity level was great but I was pretty sure it was better than that. The Fitbit has been a real wake up call for me.

People say that when you are ready to make a change for better health buying something like a new pair of tennis shoes is a great motivator.  For me it has been the Fitbit wireless activity tracker.  I hope you join me in making a change in your health.  We can help each other doing that.  Follow my work on Fitbit and keep me accountable and I will do the same for you.  Find my profile on Fitbit and watch my activity.

You can get your own Fitbit on Amazon.

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Get your iherb referral code now!

The Best Places to Find Cutting Files

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pinterest 50 tOP CUTTING FILE SITES50 Awesome places to get the cutting files you need for your next project.

(if your site isn’t on the list leave a comment below and will get it there)
The Cutting Cafe
SVG Cuts
Lettering Delights
Scrappy Dew
My Grafico
Penny Duncan
Adams Acres
Crea8ive Cutz
My Scrap Chick
SVG Cutting Files
Paper Crafting World
Digital Delights
Lori Whitlock
Creative Kuts
The Digi Chick
Jessica Sprague
Scraptastical Kreations
Bird’s Cards
Treasure Box Designs
Under a Cherry Tree
Kadoodle Bug Designs
Clever Some Day
Little Scraps of Heaven
Monica’s Creative Room
Quilling Patch
Free SVG’s

The Cutting Files

Forever Memories
Okieladybug’s Scrap N’More
Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbon
Stinkin Cute Paper Piecings
Happy Card Factory
Tu J’s and a Taco
Creations by AR
Alisa Ramirez
Benie’s Tag You’re It
Paper and Flowers
Miss Kates Cuttables
Cloud 9 Designs
Crafty Creativity
Scrapin Bug Designs
Fleurette Bloom
iDie Cut
Scrappin Doodles
Scrappy Cuts
vinyl Ready Creations
Shery K Designs
Bea Original

Keep Those Points Cards Handy

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Better Than Sex Cake

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The first time I was handed this recipe I had to laugh at the title considering I was asked to make this for a church function but I gladly accepted the recipe. Recently... READ MORE

K Cups 75% off

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Santa was awfully good to me this year.  He brought me a Keurig® K75 Platinum Brewing System.  Oh Boy do I love it.  After a little research I found out that my habit for fancy and... READ MORE