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    Even Prefection was Criticized and Still, Renewal is Promised

    We all come under criticism from time to time. How react is on us. If you are at fault, own it. If you are criticizing to diminish your own faults, recognize it. Criticism is words. Choose your reaction to them. Jesus was absolutely perfect yet he received criticism. When he was reviled, e did not revile in return, when he suffered, he did not threaten, but continued entrusting himself to him who judges justly. 1 Peter 2:23 Hang in there! My second thing is renewal. Each day you fail to follow God to the letter. Each day you cheat on your diet, drive too fast and criticize others, but with…

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    Floral Planner Stickers

    Design your week with these lovely floral planner stickers.  I put these together pretty quickly.  I love the floral patterns.  There is a little inspiration involved in each little sticker. The pdf is designed to fit Cricut print and cut dimensions.  Just upload to Cricut and resize.  The stickers fit a traditional Happy Planner. Click Here to Download the PDF – floral planner stickers for cricut Enjoy!!!

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    Good Casseroles and Bad Attitudes

    Ree’s Casserole is really good!!!! We were just not in a place to appreciate it the first night I whipped in out on the Fam. It has been redeemed and taken its position in the potluck rotation since this posting. I was in full on mom organization mode. A new school year will do that to you.  New planners, new schedules, a fresh start and I was not going to be behind the ball.   I planned my menus for the first full week of school schedule craziness and was pretty darn proud of the accomplishment. I was prepared to get meals on the table at 6 no matter what the schedule.   For 5…

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    Keep Those Points Cards Handy

    Is your wallet bulging at the seams with rewards cards from fast food places, clothing stores, pharmacies etc?  Mine was.  I couldn’t snap it shut.  So I moved the cards out to a pocket of my purse and when I got to said retail establishment to pay for my purchase my purse would vomit up a hundred different savings cards.  I shuffled from one foot to the other hunting up the specific savings card while the clerk smiled tightly and the people tapped their feet impatiently behind me before I held up the card exclaiming “Bingo!!!!,” or dropped my head and walked out without my precious points. Out of necessity…

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    Better Than Sex Cake

    The first time I was handed this recipe I had to laugh at the title considering I was asked to make this for a church function but I gladly accepted the recipe. Recently my daughter’s friend popped over and made a request for this cake.  Well I looked at the pantry and quickly realized a) I didn’t have a cake mix b) I didn’t have caramel sauce c) I didn’t have Cool Whip.  So my daughter’s friend shrugged disappointed, I caved, made the whole thing from scratch which really isn’t a big deal.  I got a big buzz out of showing her how to make caramel sauce from scratch and…

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    K Cups 75% off

    Santa was awfully good to me this year.  He brought me a Keurig® K75 Platinum Brewing System.  Oh Boy do I love it.  After a little research I found out that my habit for fancy and coffee and tea might soon drive me to the poor house.  I did a little math and the K Cups are about $.64 per cup.  That is a little steep when you figure I have several cups of coffee or tea per day.  So I immediately went and fetched myself one of these handy little reusable k cup numbers. I love green tea and have one from Celestial Seasons, Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea. I normally brew it with hot water…

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    5 Free Christmas SVGs

    Merry Christmas to you.  I was hunting around on the web and came up with 5 really neat Christmas SVG files for you.  They are free for your personal use. Lantern Christmas Tree Card from Extreme Cards Christmas Bendy Card from Birds Cards Christmas SVG Tags from Shery K Designs Free Oh Holy Night SVG from Kimberly Geswein Swirly Christmas Tree SVG from Bird’s Cards

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    Advent Calendar by SVGCuts

    The 25 days of Christmas are upon us and I have been busy making Advent Calendars.  I plan on giving these away to some of the darling little kids in my life.  I have a stack of them right now and look forward to seeing them used for the next Christmas Season.   I picked up the SVG from SVG Cuts.  This might look a little daunting at first but it is really a piece of cake.  You can add your own spin and color theme to it pretty quickly by following the PDF guide that comes with every SVG Cut.  Here is the link to pick up this file.…

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    Little Tablet That Could

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have been very happy with it.  I have done all my planning, reading etc on it.  I was having a hard time justifying getting a eReader or a tablet because I thought it might be redundant to carry around two devices that did nearly the same thing. That has not been the case.  For mother’s day I hinted more like dropped giant bombs around, that eluded to the fact that I really did want a mother’s day gift this year and I wanted the mother’s day gift to be a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  When mother’s day arrived my husband me handed me…